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We are experts in business start-ups and early stage growth of organizations; our business reached the point of maturity where we were ready to harvest our investment and pass management of the company on to a new operations team. Brian came highly recommended to us by several professional contacts in both the legal and accounting community, and worked quickly and effectively to market our business. Upon delivery of pertinent financial and historical information from the company, Brian began a campaign within hours. Within days he had multiple qualified buyers and delivered an initial letter of intent to purchase the business within weeks. A final sale closed two months after beginning our relationship with Brian – something that really surpassed our expectations! Brian’s extensive database of potential buyers and exclusive email list really gave our sale a competitive advantage. His resources allowed us to broadcast the sale to a targeted audience of qualified buyers. We would recommend Brian to aid any firm in a sale transaction whether it be at a valuation of $100k or $10 million. He worked tirelessly for us, closing a deal in record time. As professionals in the creation and sale of small businesses, we cannot wait to work with Brian again in the near future!

-Casey Jones, Seller, House Spouse

I was moving out of state and had to sell my pizza business. I found Brian by searching on the internet, and chose him based on his successful track record in selling businesses. Brian is definitely one of the most professional people I have ever worked with. After we signed the listing agreement Brian went straight to work. He used his database as well as national marketing techniques to get my business sold quickly. He was always there when I needed him and he is very good at following through. Once we got an offer Brian did everything he could to ensure the process went through in a timely manner. I couldn’t be happier with my experience with Brian.

-Frank Harb, Pizza Business

My pizza business was for sale in Phoenix for only a short amount of time before Brian was able to successfully sell it for me. He used some creative marketing techniques to find a qualified buyer in Phoenix. I appreciated Brian’s business-savvy approach, and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a business in the Phoenix area.

-Mustafa, Seller, Gus’s Pizza

I needed to sell my deli and I needed to do it fairly quickly. Brian helped me list my business for a very reasonable price, and within months he had a qualified buyer and the business was in escrow. I was pleased with his professionalism and ability to deliver.

-Joe Verone, Seller, Villa Deli

I listed my business with another broker about a year before Brian Bond called me. After limited communication from this broker I tried advertising myself online. After dozens of calls from unqualified buyers, I finally thought I had a deal with a buyer from my online ad. He sent financials and copies of his bank statements but eventually got cold feet. He probably would have purchased if he would have had Brian to guide him through the buying process. I am extremely impressed with Brian’s sales abilities and people skills.

-Rory K., Distribution Business

Brian helped me find a business to buy that was exactly within the price range I specified. It was obvious that he had my best interests in mind, and was not just in it for the commission. The end result was that both myself and the seller were very satisfied.

-John P., Entrepreneur

As the owner of multiple businesses, I needed to sell one to be able to focus my attention on my other businesses. Brian understood this and helped me sell my Laundromat for a great price to a qualified buyer. I have referred Brian to a couple other colleagues who were looking to buy and sell businesses.

-Phil S., Laundromat Owner

Strategic Business Brokers Group helped me buy my business and a few years later sell the same business. My broker Brian Bond was great to work with.

-Jason Ewing

Brian Bond worked diligently to get our business sold and we were very pleased with the result. Brian is a total professional and I'd love to work with him again in the future.

-Ken Cobb

I listed my National Distribution business with a broker who didn’t bring any buyers to the table. After that experience, I was a bit skeptical of business brokers. However, when I was contacted by Brian Bond I decided to move forward with him. Shortly after listing my business with Brian, he produced several qualified buyers and was able to sell my business in a timely manner. One of the things that most impressed me with Brian was the fact that he kept me in the loop at all times. He returned calls in a timely manner and really made an effort to keep me informed. His attention to detail was unprecedented. I highly recommend Brian Bond and Strategic Business Brokers Group.

-Johnny Austin

A friend of mine who I consider the most finicky person I know, recommended Brian bond to me as a Broker to sell my business. I had a medical practice and had actually had a well-known medical broker listing my clinic for over 6 months with very little results. The possible buyers this other broker sent to me were tire kickers and low ball bottom feeders which was actually quite depressing. If I did not call this other broker he would never contact me and basically left me out to see if something happened so he could just pick up his commission. Being referred to Brian bond was a total 180 for my peace of mind and mentality of knowing I could get on with my plan of selling my business. If you are selling a business or buying one , you know you have to have knowledge of insurance coverage, leases, strategic planning etc. Brian Bond brought the buyer to me in what I considered an extremely short time, and had more qualified buyers looking at my place in 30 days then I had had in the entire 6 months with the other ``well-known`` broker I used. Brian was extremely knowledgeable in all areas that need to have detail and attention paid to as well as prompt, courteous and professional with all the right people including leasing agents, accountants, loan companies, and banks. Buying or selling a business can seem like a very complex experience but Brian was able to ``Whittle it Down`` to actionable steps that were logical for everyone involved. I have referred Brian to anybody I hear talking about buying a business or selling a business, and will continue to do so. If you are remotely considering either buying or selling I cannot recommend Brian bond enough to quarterback your experience, you will be extremely happy you made that choice!

-George Buckler

As a first time buyer I had a lot of questions on how to purchase a business. When I called Strategic Business Brokers Group looking for some guidance, I spoke with Brian Bond who was extremely helpful. He took the time to learn about me, what I was looking for, explained the entire purchase process, different business valuations, financing options and what to expect. I put Brian Bond and Strategic Business Brokers Group at the top of the list when it comes to Arizona Business Brokers. I highly recommend them to anyone considering buying or selling a business.

-Theresa Johnson